You are planning an outdoor trip and creating a checklist of essential camping gear. Did you add Coleman stove?  If not, then add it and it should be on the top of your most essential camping gears. Without hot food and your favorite beverages, your camping trip would be spiritless. With a quality Coleman camp stove added, your entire camping journey can be turned into a life-changing experience

No doubt, camping is rough, and more than often due to tiredness and weather, campers have to live on biscuits and beans, it should be ear, not on every camping day. You can buy a quality camping stove that would be nicer than an average American household.

The problem is the wealth of options available overwhelms most of us. We almost checked two dozen camping stove, and then narrowed the list to ten. These are the best options to go with, easy to carry, cleanup and powerful as well.

Without further ado, let’s get started and behold the top-rated and top-selling Coleman Stove.

Best Price/Value

WILD-WIND Star X3 Outdoor Cooking System
If you are looking for a best value cooking system, a great bang on the buck, get the WILD-WIND stars X3 cooking system.
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Best Price

Coleman Portable Butane Stove
If you are hunting for a budget stove to accompany, Coleman designed Portable Butane stove is the best grab to go with. It is an ultralight option, comes in hands at affordable price bracket and above all it comes with its own carrying case
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Best Quality

Coleman Gas Stove
This Coleman designed Gas stove may not be the most powerful option on the list, nor it is compact than most of the units. The thing that makes it stand heads and should above the rest is its cooking power reliability at an affordable price bracket. The product comes in hands at 80 dollars and offers seamless cooking performance with two burners onboard
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How to choose the best Coleman Camping Stove?

There are so many options are out there and it is hard to weed out bad ones in a day’s work. The hunt of rolling hands-on quality and functional stove becomes worse if you are not aware of the attributes that make a stove stand out.

That’s where we came to help you. Here, in this section, we are going to pinpoint some basic ingredients that make a stove stand out. Stick to the screen, and read this section to learn the very basics of camp stoves.


When you backpack for outdoor, there is not just a stove that you need to carry along. Dozens of other more important and essential things have to be taken along. And in backpacking, you cannot afford an oversized stove, as it will take most of the room and you would not be able to take other essential gears along.

So, a Coleman stove should be compact and minimalist in design. You cannot afford to carry a cumbersome stove along.

And another factor is the weight of the stove. Even though a stove might be compact and sleek in design, some materials are heavier than others, so you should be very conscious about the weight. So, you do not want a heavy stove that will drag you down.

Boiling Time:

The boiling or cooking power of a stove should be impressive. Before you begin searching for a camp stove, ask yourself a simple question- What chores are needed to be done when I start my trip? Some campers have more time to spare on cooking, beverage, and other stuff, and some only need to boil some hot water.

So, it is your usage that demands a product, for someone with immediate boiling water need, the need and requirement of a stove with high boiling-time become imperative.

It should also be powerful enough to assist you in cooking food. At least once in a day campers love to eat proper home-cooked food.

Weather Resistance:

When you are searching out a Coleman stove, have this attribute in mind and never compromise on. The Coleman stove should be wind and weatherproof so that it could help you in preparing food faster. It would be very much annoying when you have to spend more time cooking food rather explore the surrounding or hit trek.

The wind would blow out the flame repeatedly with you lighting it again and again. The situation can be worsened when you need to drink some hot water or eat after a long day on the trails.

So, look for windshields in a stove to protect the flame from strong winds.


You also need to pay special attention to the cooking area a stove has to offer. What is the size of the pan you are intended to you on a stove? Or what do you have right now?

This is the most negligible and overlooks feature most of the backpackers and campers make this mistake or not beholding the size of the pan a stove can hold. As at home cooking, we do not notice the size of the pan we cook with.

If you are intended to use a 12-inches pan, check whether your stove can hold the size and is it comes with wind guards that accommodate the size of the pan.

The wind guard also occupies a good space in a stove. You can remove the wind guard if you notice the wind is not blowing and you get the job done with removed wind-guards. But, more than often, wind-guards are helpful, and you might not carry out cooking or coffee preparation with wind-guard off.


Price is, no doubt, one of the biggest factors and holds a key significance in every purchasing. We have mentioned cheap camp stove that comes in hands at low as under 20 bucks and as high as 150 bucks.

So, it is up to you now which one falls right on your needs. Yes, the cheaper option might not be versatile or function and less reliable.

And expensive option may offer you seamless cooking and boiling experience with enhanced performance. But, the best Coleman camp stove should be a mix of quality and price, in other words, it should be the best bang of your buck

Top 10 Best Coleman Camping Stoves Reviews:

Let’s see the reviews of our top 10 best products. These products have been picked after hours of research.

  • 0.8-liter cooking cup capacity
  • Aluminum stove construction
  • Compatible accessories include coffee press, hanging kit, and pot support
  • Weight: 12 oz


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to pack and carry due to compact size
  • Take less time to boil
  • Aluminum construction


  • It does not have a push-button piezo igniter
  • Not designed for simmer and fry food

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and lightweight cooking system, the Jetboil Zip camping stove cooking system makes a hands-down option.

It is a complete canister stove system with a cooking pot, top lid, stove burner and measuring cup.

The cooking system is big enough to carry a 100-g canister inside and small enough to packs into a small compact unit that can easily be slipped into a backpack.

The camping stove system is designed to boil water, it can boil 0.8 liters of water and make of high-quality aluminum material. It helps you boil water, or hydrate freeze-dried meals and make hot drinks.

It is a compact, complete bare-bone stove system to assist a single person that helps to get the job done.

The value of this product is in the tight integration of the components and its compact size, which makes ultralight to carry around.

The Zip is not designed to simmer or fry food. But, I am quite sure, it has been done, and some users manage to prepare their food as well. The zip offers 0.8 liter boiling water capacity, but you would only be able to boil around half a liter as you would not like dangerous boiling over.

The Jetboil stove shares a bare-bone structure compare to other systems or stoves. It does not integrate a push-button igniter, you have to use light your stove with a match, lighter or sparker.

  • Weight: 14Oz
  • Integrates heat exchange
  • 0.9-liter cooking pot
  • Pot and lid-locking system


  • Budget-friendly
  • Boil water and prepare foods 30-percent faster than others
  • Comes in two vibrant colors; red and green
  • Aluminum built makes it a lightweight model
  • Precise flame control


  • It takes time in boiling water

If you are looking for a safe and secure camping stove without spending a big budget, you are onto buying a great product, APG mini 2-color camping stove.

The stove is surprisingly lightweight with 14 oz of weight and compact as well to make it greater at maneuverability.

The camping stove integrates a heat exchange making it extremely fast and fuel-efficient at boiling 0.9-liter capacity water. As per the statistics, the APG constructed camping stove boils water 30 percent faster than the common stove.

It comes in two rich color options, great and red. You can choose as per your camping ambiance, to complement your atmosphere.

With the APG designed compact camping stove, you do not have to carry bulky stoves. Its nested designed pot impressively takes all the parts to include including 110-g canister, stove burner, and other accessories.

The stove is constructed using high-grade aluminum which contributes to making it ultra weight.

Furthermore, the stove also comes with a secure-locking system design for the pot and lit that helps you drink following the pour spout. The unit is a breeze to cook with.

A few buyers also mentioned that the unit takes a little more time in boiling water. But, it gets the job, and you do not have to carry a cumbersome stove along.

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Multi-use port support
  • Lights with the click of a button
  • 0.8-liter water boiling capacity


  • Impressively fast burn efficiency
  • Within two minutes it boils the water
  • A great line of complementary features
  • Cooking cup clips on the burner to prevent spills


  • Flimsy material construction

If you are looking for a best value cooking system, a great bang on the buck, get the WILD-WIND stars X3 cooking system.

It is the best backpack stove that weighs less than other enlisted and provides excellent burn efficient, fast boiling and integrates other several helpful features. You will get a super convenient stabilizer and a pot included in the package.

The system lights with the click of a button and provide boil water within two minutes. You can prepare your favorite beverages, including cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal.

The burner secures the igniter protection from sudden bumps on the road.

It shares the safest cooking solution, the cup is tethered to the burner, preventing accidental falls and spills. The canister tripod offers an unshaken and stabilizes cooking experience.

Did we mention that the stove boils water very fast, if not, just mentioning it now?

The entire cooking system of the stove consists of a stove base, a pot with a heat exchanger, a little cover, a fabric sleeve, and gratis.

So, with these all complementary benefits and impressive line of accessories, is there anything this stove lacks?

The only drawback, we just noticed and many buyers also mentioned that the material used to craft this is flimsy.

  • 0.75-liter cooking pot, plus an extra 0.4-liter pan
  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Material: Food-grade aluminum
  • Piezoelectric ignition


  • Multi-functional camping stove
  • Helps boiling water and preparing food
  • The heat exchanger ignites the cooking process
  • Highest-ionized food-grade aluminum construction
  • Compact and nested design to stack all parts possible


  • The extra fast cooking process claims are false

If you are looking for a high-quality constructive, multi-purpose camping stove, APG Hulk 2 in 1 is a hands-down option to go with. The cooking stove comes with lots of accessories to help you with cooking. Other than that, the model is extremely lightweight and compact due to its innovative out of the box design.

The stove integrates a heat exchanger, that’s why the cooking and boiling speed is way higher than normal stoves. As per the company’s claims, the system boils water 30-percent faster than common stoves.  The Pot integrated absorbs head and expedite the cooking process at the highest efficiency possible.

The multi-purpose 2 in 1 cooking system is also powered with an extra pan along with a pot to satisfies your cooking, boiling, frying and other cooking needs.

It is no doubt the best cooking system at an affordable price range. You do not have to buy extra accessories to fulfill your cooking needs, just have your hands onto this APG designed 2 in 1 cooking system and nail camping cooking issues once and for all.

The system is highly portable, the nested design ports stacks all other parts inside and helps you maneuvering more than one pots in one package.

The system is made of the highest quality food grade aluminum that makes it ultralight. With just 19 pounds of total weight, including all accessories, it is an ideal grab no doubt.

  • Weight: 11-pounds
  • Two burners
  • Wind-blocking panel
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Two burners
  • It also powered with a pressure regulator that controls pressure and renders more consistent performance.
  • Wind-blocking panels help to boost the cooking process
  • Push-button ignition
  • Easy to clean due to Chrome plated grate


  • Small cooking space
  • Less powerful

This Coleman designed Gas stove may not be the most powerful option on the list, nor it is compact than most of the units. The thing that makes it stand heads and should above the rest is its cooking power reliability at an affordable price bracket. The product comes in hands at 80 dollars and offers seamless cooking performance with two burners onboard.

The tabletop design integrating Coleman gas stove comes with two burners that run on propane canister.

With great simmer grip and solid output that is the only unit on the list at this price that is capable of processing diverse meals outdoor. You can take it onboard for preparing the food you desire and get it processed within minutes.

The stove is highly compact, with just 11-pounds of weight that is easily manageable in the car and store at home.

There are few downsides added with the unit, the chefs might love upgrading this with a more powerful and refined expensive freestanding unit. And many also complained about the little cooking space it offers compared to the other.

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Size: 6.62″ H x 7.81″ W x 7.75″ L
  • Cooking Power: 10,000 total BTUs
  • Integrates pressure regulator
  • Adjustable burner


  • Wind baffle shield to protect your flame
  • Highly powerful output
  • Adjustable burner for precise temperature control
  • Three-years limited warranty


  • Unsafe design for a single burner

If you are scrubbing internet in searching for a less-expensive yet more powerful camping stove, Coleman gas stove is the best-grab for you. The stove offers up to 10,000 BTUs cooking power and instantly nails your cooking issues once and for all.

The compact designed stove would not eat much of your space when you need a compact stove to carry along on trails, just pack this option, you would not regret having it.

The stove comes with a fully adjustable burner that is powerful enough to boil two cups of water within three minutes.

The stove also adheres to perfect flow technology that keeps a constant heat transformation for the steady and smooth cooking process. This will also keep your fuel-burning at a minimum scale, thanks to its innovative Perfect-heat technology.

The less-expensive camping stove also has a wind baffle to shield your flame from the wind so that you could have a fast cooking process without any disruption.

When you are done with the cooking process, just separate the burner and base from the propane bottle for compact storing and easier portability.

The company went one step ahead and give proper details about the 16.4 oz propane cylinder that it lasts up to 2.5 hours. So, that’s enough for camping a week, with one-time meal processing.

  • Cooking power up to 20,000 BTUs
  • Two adjustable burners
  • Runtime one-hours on one 16.4 oz propane cylinder
  • Weight: 11.6 pounds


  • PerfectHeat technology ensures consistent heat supply
  • Two burners of 10 and 12-inches size
  • Wind-blocking system ensure undisturbed cooking
  • Robust construction, sturdy design


  • Poor assembly

Coleman is an esteemed name in the world of outdoor gear manufacturing. The brand has earned a huge reputation in manufacturing tents and other camping products. The brand promises to deliver the same level of quality and performance upon which they have earned this reputation to the Classic camping stove.

The stove integrates PerfectFlow technology that enables it to perform consistently without any hiccup. Now, the weather blows out would not be able to lead to uneven cooking. The innovative technology helps in smooth propane gas combustion leading to efficient cooking.

The gas stove ensures even the cooking process and consumes less energy leading to your propane gas canister stays longer. The 16.4 oz canister would provide 1-hour complete cooking performance at maximum heat.

It comes with two adjacent burners that offer spacious space to cook. The innovative design allows the users to use both 10-inches and 12-inch pan together and cook more than one food at the same.

The wind-blocking panels also seal in air and let you cook food even in a high-wind blowing situation.

The best camping stove is super easy to maintain. Just lift-up the cooktop and clean the stove without going through a detailed cleaning process.

  • Portable cooktop
  • Two fuel source
  • Electronic ignition
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds


  • A portable model can be used at home backyard party
  • Multiple fuel source is really helpful
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comes in a sturdy plastic case


  • Slow in heating
  • Sneaky leaky

If you want to enjoy home-cooked food in your outdoor camp? If yes, then CanCooker has something up to its sleeve. The brand has introduced one of the best camping burners to help you prepare a variety of foods without going through a long way. Just cut your vegetables or other items and let the Cancooker helps you with processing food instantly.

The fuel burner comes in a hard plastic carrying. You can carry it around or put it in your bag to take along. Get the burner out of the case and attach your fuel source and get ready to cook.

The burner comes with a powerful burning system to help you prepare any type of food including vegetables, meats, maggies and much more instantly.

The burner also includes an electronic ignition system, so do not need to use a matchbox, just use the automatic ignition system and get the burner lighted.

The burner takes standard 8 oz. butane and 16. oz. propane canister to prepare food.

The stove is a multi-fuel burner, it takes power from two types of fuels. It is an ultra-quiet model, best for any outdoor food preparation including camping, hunting, fishing, and tailgating.

  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • 10,000 BTUs cooking power
  • Dimensions: 7.38″ x 7.8″ x 6.55″
  • Dual Face Technology Integration


  • A perfect option for campers
  • Minimalist design
  • Ultralight and easy to portable
  • Compact size allows you to easy to set up for a meal
  • Consume less power


  • One burner that means only one thing can be cooked at one time

Your search for finding a small and portable Coleman stove ends with Coleman designed Sportster II. The burner stove is ultralight and weighs just 2.3 pounds. Easy to carry and portable as well. The stove is designed to hold 6-inches pan with 10,000 BTUs cooking power.

The stove comes with one burner, and can only one 6-inches pan. The stove is designed simply and to be used to prepare simple foods. It is a reliable option for boiling water, if you need something that could hold more than one burner and lot more power, that’s not the option for you.

The stove comes with Wind baffles to block winds and air to protect your frame from putting out, no wind guards.

The stove as per the company claims lasts at least 2-hours on the highest flame settings and uses 1.1 points of gasoline. That’s quite a good number and you can count on this for long camping. Campers usually do not cook more than once in a day, the stove offers a minimal design.

The stove comes with one burner; it is small and easy to manage a stove. Easy to clean as well. The dimensions of this stove are as follows 7.38″ x 7.8″ x 6.55″ with 2-pounds of weight.

  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • 20 x 12 x 4 inches dimensions.
  • Rotating dial to adjust heat
  • Material: Aluminum


  • A great option to go with especially when you need basic barebone stove at a reasonable price
  • Seamless in using
  • Easy to set up as well
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Wind guards are of no use

If you are hunting for a budget stove to accompany, Coleman designed Portable Butane stove is the best grab to go with. It is an ultralight option, comes in hands at affordable price bracket and above all it comes with its own carrying case.

It is very easy to use and setup as well. Just get the stove out and lock in a butane cylinder with a simple pull-down the lever. And turn the burner control and it will automatically ignite with its automatic ignition.

The burner also comes with wind baffles that help the flame from putting out. You may face issues using it in windier areas, as it goes no wind guards to put on.

The cheap camp stove comes with one burner that is very light and easy to transport. If you need something simple in looking and minimalist in design, you may appreciate the simplicity of the Stoneman designed stove.

The stove is made of high-grade aluminum, rust, and corrosion-proof and the grate is a porcelain coat for easier managing.

The stove is not weatherproof. The wind guard is of no use, slightly high wind blowing can put the flame out, especially during spring or autumn evening when the temperature falls below 10-C. Still, the overall cost of the stove is very less and you can stick to your camp for the preparation of foods.

The stove lasts 1 hour 15 minutes on high-flame with one 8.8 oz butane cylinder. You might not enjoy the incredible cooking experience; you can get this onboard for boiling water and other stuff. You get what you pay for; this is a cheaper option to go with.

The Coleman stove shares 4.9 pounds of weight with 20 x 12 x 4 inches dimensions.


We reviewed our top best Coleman camping stoves. From the reviews it may come off as we think of these are not good. That’s not really the case; we picked top best products, after hours of constant scrubbing and scouring of the World Wide Web. They all the fine product and stands out when you compare them with others weeded out.

We also have given our top recommendations; you can go with them as per your budget and needs.

We are very positive that this guide will help you choose the best stove camp as per your needs and requirement.

Feel free to check our top picks and also make sure to check out our buying guide. The buying guide will help you understand the very basics of a Coleman camping stove.

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