You are desired to buy a new double sleeping bag, as you are planning to head out to wood with your family or embarking on a backcountry exploring with your friends.

You may not be aware of the importance of a good and quality sleeping bag, or maybe you are. Because you have experienced rough cool weather in the backcountry, shivering uncontrollably and waiting for the sun to rise. If you have not experienced such a thing learn with the experience of other backpackers and must buy a good sleeping bag

That’s true, you get what you pay for, but there are few exceptions to this rule and sleeping bags are one of them. You do not have necessarily pay arms and legs in buying a good sleeping bag.

Just little effort would be required to browse more than dozens of products.  You do not have any need to work so hard, read hundreds of comments and behold the ratings in the process of buying a good backpacking sleeping bag.

We have done that hard work for you, and curating a list of top-rated, best-selling, latest innovative sleeping bags to help assist you in your journey. We curated this guide to recommend our top picks to provide you oozing trekking, exploring experience with a balance of warmth, weight, comfort, cost, and functionality.

Best Price/Value

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree
If you are looking for a budget sleeping bag, Kelty has designed something out of the box. The sleeping bag though comes in hands at the affordable price range, but you would be amazed at the please quality and comfort it renders.
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Best Price

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag
Let me clear it, if you are looking for an ultra-light, affordable and quality made double sleeping bag, your search ends with TETON Sports Tracker sleeping bag
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Best Quality

OmniCore Designs Multi Down Double
Are you interested in buying an innovatively designed sleeping bag? If yes, then OmniCore has designed something cutting-edge that offers comfy experience outdoor
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How to choose the best double sleeping bag?

Before hitting outdoor, you need to get a quality sleeping bag onboard. Without it, your entire experience of exploring wood or backcountry can spoil. A quality sleeping bag will ensure a good night’s sleep and protect you from rough weather conditions.

But, buying one is tricky and a novice may opt-for a substandard and poor quality product. This little guide can help you choose the best product as per your needs.

Size and Shape:

The first thing you need to look out in a sleeping bag is its size and snuff into it. Is the sleeping bag fits you? Or if you are two, whether the width fits you two? If not, the sleeping bag can turn out to be an utter disaster for you and your spouse.

Check this feature before you give a final call and look for the one that fits your body size together.

In addition, way the bigger sleeping bag can also be an issue, especially in winter. Therefore a bag is quite larger than your size, make sure it gets compressed.

The second thing is its shape. Look for the shape the bag integrates. In a double sleeping bag, most of them share square and mummy shapes. Square is the most common type, and sought-after as well.

The mummy size wraps around your body and provides unmatched warmth in colder conditions. They are ideal for winter conditions and also cost less than square shape bags.


Generally speaking the sleeping bags, especially double sleeping bags are heavier as they weigh between 5-9 pounds generally, one including weighs less than two pounds though. That weight range is cumbersome to carry along, that’s the downfall no doubt. The worst thing is, one person has to carry this weight and others can hit trek freely. This can be managed by giving other weights to the other person to balance it.

In nutshell, a quality sleeping bag weighs this range and you cannot manage this feature but try out to get a lightweight product as it would be easy to maneuver with.

Material and filling:

The sleeping bags are constructed using Nylon that is durable, tough and stands lifelong.

The other thing is filling, if come over to the filling and warmth capabilities, this is the most concerned area.

Some bags are filled with cotton, which is lightweight and offers great warmth but when wet these are of no use.

Another material that is used in most of the quality sleeping bag is Synthetic filling. This feeling always stays behind the natural ones, and if you compare the warmth, they are way behind.

So, the brand often cuts the price down and provides warmth, fills them in high quantity which makes them cumbersome to carry.


You must check for the durability of a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is a big investment and would not like it to tear-off within days of using it. Nobody buys something without the intention of it lasting lifelong. Your sleeping bag should be as durable and sturdily built as you are.


Sleeping bags must be waterproof. Always look for this feature, check out the material they are made of. If they are constructed using high-quality polyester, they would be waterproof, as it repels water. You would not like waking up half-drowned in water the next morning.

Temperature rating:

Temperature rating affects the cost of a sleeping bag. Generally, the bags with lower temperature ratings are expensive and are great to handle low weather conditions.

The higher degrees temperature rating bags are less-expensive, but with them managing cold-weather would be quite a task. So, it depends upon when you hit outdoor.

Are you planning to move out in winter? If that’s the case, go with lower temperature ratings to get a smooth, hassle-free outdoor experience.

Season rating:

Every sleeping bag has a season rating, the season it can be used in. Each extra season cost more money, you will have to spend more money into housing a three or four-season sleeping bag. You can also opt with a two-season sleeping bag after analyzing your needs.

So, check this feature and match this feature to your trekking or backpacking schedule

Best Double sleeping bag reviews:

To find the best sleeping bags, have a bird’s eye view of these products and check for what we have added. I hope you will find one as per your requirements.

  • Dimension: 87×59 inches
  • Out layer is made super-strong waterproof
  • Can be used as two individual sleeping bags
  • Lightweight 3.9 pounds


  • Water-proof
  • Comfortable experience
  • Spacious enough to fit two persons
  • Easy to carry around
  • Lightweight
  • Can be unzipped into two separate portion


  • Not ideal for temperature about 40-degree

If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable sleeping bag for two-persons, Sleeping Double sleeping bag is your best option to go with. The sleeping bag is enough space to fit two persons, do not go for two separate sleeping bags, just have this one and lesser backpacking would be required.

Your outdoor experience will be better and seamless with the Sleeping double sleeping bag. Get a comfortable double sleeping bag with two travel pillows and make your trekking trips warmer and extra cuddly than ever before.

The queen size sleeping bag offers impressive 87×59” dimensions, big enough to fit two adults.

The two-person sleeping bag designed by Sleeping can be turned into a twin sleeping bag to help you relax in your personal space. If you do not like cuddling, just unzip your two-person bag and each of one can wrap up and relax in a sperate bag.

The sleeping bag is water-proof, you will stay toasty and dry inside this sleeping bag. It shares polyester lining with colling filling to last for long-years without tearing.

  • Dimension: 15″ x 23″ stuffed size
  • Weight 9.8 Pounds
  • Temperature Rating: 20-degree (F)
  • Cloudloft insulation


  • Complete removable zip off
  • Cloudloft insulation provides warmth outdoor experience
  • Fits two adults
  • Built-in blankets
  • Budget-friendly


  • Bulky

If you are looking for a budget sleeping bag, Kelty has designed something out of the box. The sleeping bag though comes in hands at the affordable price range, but you would be amazed at the please quality and comfort it renders.

The sleeping bag is one of the cheap sleeping bags you can find on the market right now by a top-leading manufacturer.

The sleeping bag is fully equipped to handle to adults with a fully removable zip off the top to handle humid summer. It also integrates two built-in blankets to customize your comfort.

The sleeping bag integrates two-way zip vents to allow your feet outside of the covers without disturbing your companion. The large sleeping bag handles two large size standard pillows and provides home-like comfort outdoors.

The queen-sized sleeping bag is enough spacious to fit fully-grown 6.6 feets adults without any disruption.

A spacious sleeping bag is also a great option for a large family. The spacious size lets kiddos crash with mom and dad at night, no need to have a separate bag and blankets for little ones.

This budget sleeping bag also comes equipped with cloud loft insulation that keeps you warm without any heating solution and provides a cozy experience.

In a nutshell, if you really want something quality, without costing big money, have hands onto Kelty design spacious queen size sleeping bag and add comfort to your outdoor experience.

  • Dimensions:94 inches long 62 inches wider
  • Temperature range +20°F/-7°C or 0°F/-18°C
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Liner: Brushed Poly-Flannel


  • Two temperatures rating to choose from
  • Thermal enhancing double-layer stitch construction to stand cold weather
  • Compact and soft
  • Non allergic
  • Fits easily two adults


  • zippers do not share a quality construction

If you can afford big-budget and look for a high-quality sleeping bag option to opt-for, TETON sports have designed something impressive to provide seamless outdoor sleeping experience.

The sleeping bag lets you catch a warm snuggle all night, fits two adults without any hiccup. Spread it out, snuggle into it, it’s thermal enhancing, double layer stitch design would not let any cold enter into your bag and disrupt your good night sleep.

The sleeping bag comes in a wide array of color option to choose from, with two different temperature rating, you can choose among +20°F/-7°C or 0°F/-18°C as per your need and requirement.

Its soft to touch liner, draft tubes and mummy-style hood with drawstring keeps your head off the ground.

The TETON double-wide sleeping bag also integrates two-way anti-snag zippers that provided additional benefits with extended lifespan.

This sleeping bag also offers a life-long limited warranty, so you can count on TETON sports to bring incredible outdoor gear.

One more thing, TETON sports offers an amazing product support team. If you need any replacement or have any queries related to the products, the team would always be there to assist you.

  • Dimensions: Combined size: 59(W)x86.6(L) inches
  • Split size: XL size : 29.5(W)x86.6(L) inches
  • Split size: XL size : 29.5(W)x86.6(L) inches
  • Waterproof Ripstop Fabric made


  • It integrates impressively waterproof material
  • Easy to store, comes with a compression sack
  • The outer shell is machine washable
  • Anti-snag zippers let you close the bag from inside or outside
  • Can be turned into 2 individual sleeping bags


  • Not big enough

If you are looking for a bag for backpacking, camping, biking, and trekking, AgeMore has made an innovatively designed 2 in 1 queen-sized waterproof sleeping bag for you.

This flannel cotton double sleeping bag is a hands-down option for a couple who wants to enjoy outdoor trips without facing any problem. This perfect backpacking bag is lined on the inside with super-soft brushed flannel cotton and filled with 3D synthetic fiber to ensure cold-free optimum warmth insulation.

The sleeping backpack also integrates two separate standard pillows, no need to carry pillows.

The double sleeping bag is lightweight, shares 6.6 pounds of weight. One more thing, it comes with a compression sack with straps bag. The bag allows for easier maneuverability and machine washable.

The double sleeping bag can be turned into an individual sleeping bag within seconds. It unzips in second and allows each individual to enjoy personal space with 29.5(W)x86.6(L) inches dimensions. You can easily zip back the two separate portions into one double whenever needed.

One more thing, the outer shell of the sleeping bag is constructed using Waterproof 210T polyester Ripstop fabric. No need to rip the hair out when it rains, just enjoy the toasty dry interior.

The last but not the lead, its reverse zipper lets you close from inside or outside of the bag.

  • Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 15 in
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Reverse zippers
  • Temperature range: 45 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Roomy
  • Soft interior lining
  • Washing machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Well-insulated for warm weather


  • Interior creates static

If you are a taller person or going to hit trekking with a person who is taller and does not fit in a standard double sleeping bag, Coleman designed 3 in 1 sleeping bag is a hand down choice for you. This is a 3 in 1 bag, you can convert it into a large-sized bag or split it up into two sleeping bags.

The sleeping bag shares a quality construction with the cotton flannel interior, Hollow polyester insulation and extremely outclass stitching. You will have a great comfy sleeping experience even in cold conditions. The 3 in 1 sleeping bag keeps the campers warm when the temperature falls and cold weather can disrupt your entire journey.

The softness of the lining is mesmerizing, but it may create some static, especially if you are wearing cotton clothes.

The size fits as long as 6.6 inches height guy, and the sleep system is more than fantastic. The width of the bag is more than what you would require, enough to give packers good night sleep experience without disturbing.

The Coleman Tandem is integrated with an up-standard zipper. The bag has worth to mention zippers, they never jam or snag and helps camper easily close or open the bag.

Zippers are on both sides of the bag, you can close the bag from inside or outside. It would be easier to get out of the bag or in without disrupting other’s sleeping.

The bag is a great pick for a tall and large guy and enough room to provide spacious space, ideal for camping, trekking and backcountry exploring.

  • Dimensions: 87″ x 63″
  • Shell: Diamond ripstop
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Waterproof


  • Extremely lightweight model
  • Mummy hoods integration to remove gaps and keep interior warmth
  • Compression sack for stuffing
  • Waterproof
  • Fits two adults easily


  • Zipper brakes immediately

Let me clear it, if you are looking for an ultra-light, affordable and quality made double sleeping bag, your search ends with TETON Sports Tracker sleeping bag. The sleeping bag weighs around 8.2 pounds and would not take much of your car’s cargo space.

With the Tracker Ultralight sleeping bag around, you will have worth sharing adventure experience. It is a sturdy sleeping bag, the other is made of diamond ripstop that is water and tear-resistant. So, do not worry, if you are going on an adventure and it rains. Just snuggle into this bag and enjoy a cozy, comfy sleeping experience without getting wet.

This is a great design product with mummy hoods. The mummy hods design seal the gaps and blocks-off cold and keep the warmth in around your face and head.

It is a light-weight model, great for backpacking, hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities.

It is made of microfiber insulation that offers more loft and professional-grade compressibility without costing arms and legs.

It also comes with a compression sack bag for easy stuffing. You can easily put it into the sack and carry around, hassle-free stuffing.

The built-in out foot-box gives you extra space to get your feet out of the bag without disrupting the peace of other mates.

The interior pockets let you store your important accessories such as Keys, wallet, phones close to you.

  • Dimensions: 83*59in/210*150cm
  • Weight: 6.92 pounds
  • Material: 210T polyester
  • Integrated pillows


  • Spacious
  • Warm and comfortable with hollow cotton filling
  • Waterproof
  • Two auto inflatable pillows
  • The S-shaped quilted design prevents inner filling movements
  • Machine washable


  • No

Letton manufactured Double sleeping bag with two integrated pillows is another great inclusion to our best sleeping bag list. The S-shaped bag shared a segmented inner filling to prevent movements. It not only offers a cozy, comfy sleeping experience but easy to clean; washing machine washable.

It also comes with two inflatable pillows to provide comfortable neck support and good night sleep.

This bag shares 83×59 inches dimensions, which is spacious enough to fit two adults easily. The outer shell of the bag is made of polyester and waterproof in the dump environment. Prevent you from any dampness in cold weather and rainy condition.

This is a lightweight sleeping bag weighing around 6.92 pounds, provide easier backpacking experience. The comfortable temperature rating is around 32℉ -50℉ with limit temperature rating -5℃ / 23℉.

The two-person sleeping bag comes with integrated pillows, you just need to unscrew the lid and pillows will pop-out automatically. The storing of the integrated pillow is easier, just press it and drain the air.

It is a 2 in 1 sleeping bag. It is big enough that you can transform it into two separate bags. Just unzip it and split it into two and have a personalized sleeping experience without any hiccup

  • Dimensions:80 x 60 x 6 in
  • Weight: 7-pounds
  • Temperature range: 10°F / -12.2℃ to 30°F / 0℃
  • Two built-in pillows
  • Stratusloft outermost and bottom layer


  • 3D box design ensures warmth in cold conditions
  • Comes with mesh and zipper pockets
  • Built-in pillows
  • Stratusloft layer in the outermost and bottom
  • It also integrates compression sack bag


  • Little thin

Are you interested in buying an innovatively designed sleeping bag? If yes, then OmniCore has designed something cutting-edge that offers comfy experience outdoor. Get your loved one along and head towards outdoor and explore the world with something you love the most.

The stand out feature of this sleeping bag is the temperature rating. The bag shares excellent temperature rating between 10°F / -12.2℃ to 30°F / 0℃. The bag converts into one double wide pad or two sleeping pads as per your personal customization. With the OmniCore designed outdoor sleeping bag onboard, you get your own bed in the backcountry.

The bag has been tested by the European regulatory authority and it stands the testing protocol. You can count on this bag for the mentioned temperature range, and enjoy your backpacking experience.

The bag is integrated with innovative multi-down technology. That features stratusloft in the outermost and bottom layer to maximize warmth insulating performance in rough weather conditions.

Another glaring feature of the expensive sleeping bag its 3-D box designs. The innovative construction lets you and your loved ones to move throughout the night while ensuring maximum warmth.

The bag also integrates stash pockets to help you stay organized. With two internal mesh and three zipper pockets, you can keep your essential accessories close by.

This sleeping bag also integrates compression sacks to help get as much air out as possible.

The comfy sleeping bag is powered with two traditional sized pillows. These pillows let your head get optimum rest without consuming much of your space.

  • Dimensions: 75″ * 33″
  • Weight: 1.7lbs
  • Outershell: 300D Nylon
  • Temperature range: temperature Rating: 60℉


  • Super-versatile
  • Suitable for summer outdoor camping
  • The polyester outer is washable
  • Non-allergic material
  • Rectangle shape helps you save space and easier in moving


  • Not an option for extreme cold condition

Do you think it is hard to find a sleeping bag under 2-pounds weight? Yes, it is and in our list of top sleeping bags, we have not seen any sharing this specification. Consequently, Pumpkino breaks this record and came up with a sleeping bag lower than 2-pounds of weight. The bag shares 1.7 lbs wait and become a constant companion of your outdoor activities. It is a super-versatile, super-comfortable and you can easily carry it anywhere.

The bag is powered with Polyester filler, and it provides moderate too tough enduring of cold weather.

The bag is rated as a summer camper sleeping bag that means this share a high-temperature rating. With most comfortable fabric and insulation material, the ultra-lightweight bag ensures you get a comfy sleeping experience without costing arms and legs.

The sleeping bag shares a rectangle shape, it helps you to have more room in traveling and prevent from excessive heat.

In addition, you can transform this bag into two individual sleeping bags to get personal space for good night sleep. It would be fun to sleep next to your loved ones on a camping trip.

  • Dimensions: 59 x 2.5 x 87 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Temperature rate: 5-10° Fahrenheit
  • Soft 210 Thread Count


  • Complete waterproof
  • Ultra weight
  • Spacious enough to fit for two adults
  • Keeps you at a comfortable temperature
  • Easy to clean due to machine washable stuff
  • Integrated pillows and two pockets


  • No

Warmth, coziness, comfort, and cuddles when you blend all these attributes, the sum up would be SereneLife Backpacking Sleeping Bag.

The double sleeping bag offers outstanding outdoor camping experience, obviously a comfortable bed to sleep out of your home is not lesser than a blessing.

With this sleeping bag onboard, forget about rough weather conditions, strong winds, chilly weather and enjoy coziness without spending arms and legs.
This heavy-duty robust construction will offer a warm, comfortable good night sleep without any disturbance.

The bag helps you survive the toughest snow and wind situation. The bag withstands everything nature has to offer including rain, wind, and snow. This is a waterproof sleeping bag complete water protection from morning dew to rainfall.

The bag also comes with a compression sack. The bag folds easily and compressed to fit in a compression’s sake, easy to maneuver and carry around. Free up some space for other things to put in your bag, and have it ultralight sleeping back around.

The bag also comes with mesh pockets. The two large size pillows offer superior sleeping experience, perfect for a couple, family, adults and teens hitting for camping.


Buying a sleeping bag for camping is a difficult process. It is a big investment, and everyone wants a great replica of their hard-earned money.

The guide will help you choose the best sleeping bag as per your needs. We have reviewed the top 10 best sleeping bags in addition to mentioned some important tips to buy a sleeping bag.

These products are added after hours of research. Our team reviewed more than hundreds of products and compare their different features, along with rating and buyer’s feedback.

Upon complete satisfaction, we added these products and can assure you that, these are the best grab under the mentioned price range.

I hope you like this guide, and this guide will lead you to purchase the best sleeping bag that fulfills your backpacking needs.
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