For centuries wood has been using a major source of energy. Without wood, we cannot imagine a good life (at least hygienic life). You cannot just set fire in the whole truck of food.

You will have to split the chunked wood into smaller pieces and to get this done; we need a good quality ax. In my opinion, it might be surprising for most of our professional woodworkers that not all axes are built equal. Of course, they are designed to do the same job but their built quality and other features differ which decides the total value of them.

A wrong tool can make things harder for you, you will have to swing harder, and the tool will blunt easier.

Whether you are going to chop small trees or going to slice up branches for small wood, you can count on Fiskars lines of tools. Fiskars axes are going to ease down your woodworking jobs and surely going to blow you away with the performance.

Best Price/Value

Fiskars 378531-1002 X17 Softgrip 23.5″ Splitting Axe
If you are looking for an easy to handle, accurate and efficient Fiskars product, do not overlook Fiskars X17 soft-grip splitting Axe.
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Best Price

Fiskars Chopping Axe S X10
If you are searching for a tool to get your carpentry and woodworking Axe S X10 is a great pick for you.
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Best Quality

Fiskars Splitting X46
Your search for getting a robust designed Axe to cut difficult logs over 30 cm in diameter ends with Fiskars Splitting X46 Axe
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  • Weight: 1.38 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 1.1 x 5.8 inches
  • Advanced grinding technique blade
  • Steel FiberComp handle


  • Perfect weight to distribution offers optimal power to weight ration
  • Superior blade design that cuts deeper
  • Ideal for Kindling and cutting small woods into little pieces
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not sharper as it looks

Are you looking for a hatchet for kindling and small to medium-sized logs? Your search ends with Fiskars 378501 x 7 hatchets. The hatchet is designed to render maximum swings and to chop deeper in each swing to get more jobs done in one swing.

The ax is designed by adhering to the grinding technique that lets it provide sharper cuts for better and cleaner results. The blade stays sharp for longer due to its low friction coating. At an affordable price range, you are going to get a superior blade that lasts long and provides seamless cutting results.

Its perfect weight to power distribution ration offers optimal performance with enhanced swing speed. Its swing resembles more to a baseball bat; you spend less energy to get more job done.

The Fiskars ax comes integrated with a stronger than steel fiber camp handle. They are not only robust and stays long but virtually impossible to break.

The ax comes with a lifetime warranty, you do not have to worry about the life of this product, if anything goes wrong, you have every right to claim your product.

  • Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 7.8 x 36 inches
  • Soft grip handle
  • IsoCore Shock Control System


  • Get hands-on intense wood splitting jobs without putting your muscles into injury
  • Impressive shock absorbing system offers two times lesser shocks transferring than wood
  • Optimized blade memory offers blasting, quicker and deeper splitting results
  • Improved gripping will reduce blisters
  • International standard overall designs exceed US standards


  • Not a well-constructed, buyers mentioned cracking, breaking issues

If you are looking for a Fiskars tool for wood splitting, Fiskars 751110-1003 Maul, 36-Inch is a hands-down option for you. It comes with a unique and differently optimized blade geometry that makes it enough capable of penetrating deep within the wood and drive wedges between the parts of the tough log.

The tool is very easy to use and gives less punishing to you. Its IsoCore shock-absorbing system absorbs strike shock and sends reduced punishment to a user’s body. As per the company’s proclamation, this unit transfers 2 times lesser shocks and vibration than the wood handle.

So, if you are desired to have hands onto something that does not abuse your body, do not overlook this unit.

The ax also comes with a strong, ergonomic, extended and slip-reducing flare that ensures maximum controlled swings with less power consumption. With a minimum power input, you get doubled results.

The unit shares a heavy-duty construction and is one of the best choices for daily and quality performance under all conditions.

Last but not the least, the unit comes with a full-time warranty. A life-time warranty ensures you get seamless performance throughout without any hiccup.

Any bad incident happening would make you a rightful person to get a refund or replacement.

  • Length: 23.5 inches
  • Weight:3.1 pounds
  • Handle: Composite soft textured
  • Head: Commercial-grade steel


  • Lighter weight
  • Powerful results with durability
  • Smaller sized helps maneuverability
  • Would not get stuck in the wood
  • Comfortable, ergonomic soft textured handle


  • Some users were not happy with the construction of the handle

If you are looking for an easy to handle, accurate and efficient Fiskars product, do not overlook Fiskars X17 soft-grip splitting Axe. It is another highly valued, reliable and yard care product designed by top-notch brand Fiskars.

The 23.5 inches Fiskars product shares robust manufacturing from the head to the body. The product is made using high-quality material and renders dependable performance; it really exceeds our expectations when we looked at the durability.

The model comes with an insert-molded head with a strong blade that joins hands to provide impeccable splitting power. The blade possesses a unique shape that makes it capable to penetrate deeper and brings forth efficient quick results. The Convex shaped blade also comes with a sheath for protecting.

The unit is smaller than x27, it is smaller but offers durable and impressive splitting results with a lighter weight to swing. The item also comes with a soft-textured grip for easier gripping and improved control performance.

The unit shares almost everything that a user would love to witness in a splitting Axe. It comes in hands under 40 bucks, not a big deal at all

  • Length: 44 cm
  • Weight: 980g
  • Weight: 980g
  • Material: High-quality steel with fiberglass reinforced plastic handle
  • Weather and shock resistant handle


  • Ideal for carpentry and woodwork
  • Great tool for construction around the home and small projects
  • It renders clean, easy and fresh cuts
  • Special and innovative blade geometry enhances splitting powers and depth
  • Fibercomp shaft minimizes fatigue and makes the unit unbreakable
  • It also comes with a plastic sheath for easier carrying and storage


  • Expensive

If you are searching for a tool to get your carpentry and woodworking Axe S X10 is a great pick for you. This Fiskar’s latest designed tool fills the bills in various types of woodworking including chopping, carpentry, and pruning.

The package comes with a beautiful minimalist design and sharp-edged functionality, a hands-down choice for all wood preparation work. It is a great tool for small woodworks or construction projects around the house. It can be taken onboard for various kinds of jobs, do not miss this cutting-edge designed Fiskars product for chopping work.

Its clean thin and wide-edged blade renders clean, easy and smooth cuts without any big hiccup.

The Universal Hatchet comes with a total of 44 cm length for splitting and cutting with up to 10 cm in diameter. The product can be taken onboard for camping, hiking, bushcraft, survival and outdoor activities.

The durable and sturdy built handle reduces accidental slipping and adheres to impact-resistant fiberglass plastic. The handle is molded onto the tool for enhanced safety, the comfortable grip would not abuse your body nor result out in blistering.

The blade is a breeze to sharpen, and the package comes with a blade sharpener, and also includes a storage case for easier and hassle-free transporting.

  • Weight: 5.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Advanced blade geometry
  • Long Fibercomp handle


  • Super sharp head
  • Fibercomb ergonomic designed slipping resistant handle
  • The blade and handle integrates special features to prevent it from sticking to the wood
  • Comes with a sheath


  • Not for tough works

What about the situations when you are camping and need to light firewood for food preparations? Here you would require small branches and logs for a simple campfire and other hundreds of bushcraft. In this situation, you need something easy to use, carry around and lightweight. Fiskars axe 375501 with sheath makes a great tool for camping.

It is a trustworthy tool that gets you back in the wilderness and helps you get your things done without any big hiccup.

The tool is recommended by famous campers, good for chopping kindling and small to medium-sized logs, branches woods.

Its patented blade grinding technique offers a sharper edge for better contact and cleaner, seamless and simple cuts.

You get a super-sharp Axe head that is molded in a way that the blade would not get stuck when you cut through a big chunk of woods.

It’s the special coating that keeps your hatchet from sticking, its designs force the wood splits apart and make your wood cutting processes much easier and seamless.

For the time when you see your mini hatchet or knife is not getting the job done, get your latest designed Fiskars 375501 and makes a clear difference.

Its dura frame Fibercomp handle that is shock-absorbing also gives you the strength to splits apart toughest wood possible.

  • Weight: 1.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16″x7″
  • Sheath included
  • Duraframe Shockaborsing handle


  • Lightweight
  • Unbreakable Fibercomp handle with ergonomic gripping
  • Designed for hard-hitters
  • Easy to carry


  • No warranties

As you would be making heavier swings and would not want your blade to stick in the wood. This X27 a conventional approach for making heavier head swings and to get the job done seamlessly. Its unique head design gives users better leverage and forces wood apart as they swing with power.

The handle is designed to increase mechanical advantage. The more force you apply, the better and maximized splitting results you will enjoy without stinking.

The Axe integrates the FiberComp composite handle which weighs less than a conventional wood Axe, and the handle is all integrated with the Axe head for added support.

So, due to this unique support, no chances that your Axe head change positions during the swings. The handle is virtually unbreakable; you would not see any accidental damage due to the breakage of handle or head.

This Fiskars Axe adheres to cutting-edge features that support a novice to get better results. It is lighter, more user-friendly and for the experienced woodcutter, it maximizes swinging to get better results rather than hitting hard.

In a nutshell, if you a beginner camper, and needed something equally powerful and easy to carry that does not cost arms and legs Fiskars X27 makes hands-down options.

  • Weight: 5.85 pounds
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Duraframe handle
  • Superior blade design with low friction coating


  • Inseparable PermaHead handle design
  • Easy to carry around due to less weight and it comes with a bag and hangs sheath that protects the blade
  • The durra frame unbreakable handle is something very sturdy
  • The vibration-absorbing chamber prevents handshaking strikes
  • Extremely sharp edge on the blade is helpful further that can be sharpened with blade sharpeners


  • No Cons at all – pretty good choice all around

In order to get the most of your firewood that should be split. Splitting the firewood is not an easy thing unless a quality Super splitting Axe like Fiskars X27 is onboard. The Axe not only makes your splitting firewood experience seamless but makes them firewood season quicker, allowing air penetrates through all sides of the wood easily.

Do not go with the heavy maul, it is the thing of the past, you cannot afford to swing a 10-pounds bulky maul that will make your wood splitting experience ruined without getting the job done.

Buy X27 splitting Axe. It is for sure a great investment, get the things split without getting exhausted.

I must say, the Axe comes with extra powers that most of the time splits wood with one strike. You do not have to repeatedly strike the wood, and wasting your energy, just use the same spot and you will see things getting done.

With the model onboard no more worrying about the heading falling off or coming off. The handle part is penetrated in the head, inseparable permhead design to get the job seamlessly done.

The Axe also comes with a bag and hang sheath. It protects your investment with included sheath and carries a bag.

The dura frame handle is nearly unbreakable, at least until now, no complaints are surfaced regarding breaking the handle. Rest assured, in further as well, you would not see it getting weakened.

Its vibration absorption system prevents extra shaking and vibration in other words, no more abusing your body.

Its low friction surfaces prevent the blade from stuck in the wood. So, regardless of the fact that you are a beginner or pro, get the right and maximum use of the beast.

  • Weight: 1.38 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 1.1 x 5.8 inches
  • FiberComp handle
  • Comes with a bag and sheath


  • A perfect balance of power and design
  • Permahead insert molded Axe head would not fall or loose off
  • Fibercomp handle is unbreakable
  • Ultra-sharp edge, the blade can be sharpened with a knife sharpener


  • Duller

If you are looking for a cheaper and easy to use the gear for splitting kindling, have hands onto x7 Fiskars designed hatchet.

You would love to have this easy to use and carry Axe and would use it for several years without any complaints. It is designed for small scale work, not for breaking big wood chunks, that can be done using x27 or others of the same brand.

Some may say that you can use X27 for kindling as well, why to buy a dedicated thing just for splitting kindling?

Yes, you can, but swinging an x27 will require triple the force compare to x7, its smaller frame and the lightweight hatchet is a lot easier to swing and get the work done.

It is really a breeze to work and split using x7. It is a perfect balance of power and weight and comfortably fits in your hands

It comes incorporated with an extra sharp blade with low friction coating that renders power to go through any amount of work without exhausting. Its fiber comp handle is durable, nearly unbreakable. The permheaded molded head design would not let the head part fall off or lose off even after excessive abuse.

The last but not the least its extra sharp blade. The blade is soft but got the power to cut through hardest woods, and can be sharpened using a knife sharpener.

The lifetime warranty on the back of the product is something a user values the most. So, you should not be worried if you see the product is broken or something wrong happens.

  • Weight: 1.21 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches
  • Fiberglass plastic reinforced handle
  • A sharp blade with a high-quality coating
  • Comes with a bag and sheath


  • The lightweight model renders easier swinging power
  • A hard steel blade is very sharp
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic handle
  • The handle is molded onto the head no need to worry about falling off handle
  • Ideal for camping and outdoor activities


  • Little lightweight for killing a chicken

If you need to buy an Axe that not only could be used for kindling chopping but for killing a chicken, that’s your catch. Get your hands on a Fiskars X5 camping Axe that is designed to carry around while hitting outdoor.

Are you serious, spending 50 bucks, just for a kindling chopping? Yes, if need to get a quality product that adds leisure and comfort to your outdoor life, you do spend this much of money.

Yes, if you need to have something just for killing chicken that should be bigger and heavier than this. This is little light for that but gets the job done easily.

Its build is well built, a scary edge that is easy to hold for a while with just occasional touchup. It splits wood very easily, without swinging a heavy thing and getting exhausting, has this lightweight dedicated gear.

The blade is made of high-quality premium-grade steel with high-quality coating, impressive to cut through hardest wood. The hatchet strikes a perfect balance between the head and handles for enhanced results.

It is ultra-lightweight, with a durable handle, weather-resistant and sees less slipping even in sweaty hands. The handle is molded directly onto the head for enhanced safety and render firm comfortable grip with its innovative designed handle.

It comes with a storage and transport case. You do not have to worry about storing it, carrying it around. Just put the sheath and pack it into the carry and get it along.

  • Weight: 10.1413
  • Dimensions: 35.4 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic handle
  • Shock absorption mechanism


  • Ideal for cutting through bug chunk of wood
  • Its blade is made of high-quality premium grade stainless steel
  • The coating of the blades makes the splitting effortless
  • Firm grip due to anti-slip handle
  • Anti-vibration mechanism onboard


  • Expensive

Your search for getting a robust designed Axe to cut difficult logs over 30 cm in diameter ends with Fiskars Splitting X46 Axe. The Axe is a hand down option for splitting difficult logs for the fireplace, stove, barbecue, or campfire.

The unit makes a great option to cut through hardwood, it integrates added features to get the job done. It comes with an extended size hammer design for pushing the corners into the difficult wood and split it through.

The blade of this Fiskars Axe is made of high-quality hardened steel with superior quality coating. Due to this quality coating on the steel blade, it makes through the wood effortlessly without sticking in the big chunks of woods.

It further integrates lower blade corners for lifting wood, large cutting edge and due to the rounded corners, it reduces the risk of splinters. The rounded corner on the hammer and ergonomic rubber grip aids in providing seamless results.

The handle will provide firmer and ergonomic grip with the gloves on due to its robust handle with anti-slip and anti-vibration coating. Its cutting-edge shock absorption system will make this easier to get the tough job done.

The product boasts a long life than others at the same price range, thanks to its hardened steel blade and fiberglass-reinforced plastic handle. The blade is easy to sharpen and can be sharpened using a knife sharpener.

How to buy a Fiskars Axe?

The use and necessity of an Axe become imperative when you camp outdoor. Whether it is kindling or splitting wood, there are times when you feel the need for a quality Axe.

Buying a Fiskars splitting Axe is not that easy. You need to read hundreds of products if you go by yourself and behold thousands of reviews. We have listed out our top products which are top-rated and have been gone through our rigorous testing and checking process.

Even if you do not like any of the products mentioned, and need to have something beyond this list, there are few checks you need to look into your Splitting Axe. We are going to mention some amazing tips, do not roam around and stick to the screen and read the guide to the end.

What is the purpose of having a Fiskars Axe?

The most important and must ask a question before buying a Fiskar Axe is, what is the purpose of having one? In reality, there are three main types of axes we see in the market right now

  • Cutting Axe
  • Splitting Axe
  • Shaping Axe

So, do you need something for cutting woods or splitting? As the cutting profile is thinner and all the force goes through the first point of contact. The thinner the point of the meeting is the smaller area all the force is forced into. This can be understood with the example of shaving, where the blade is thinner and the point of contact is smaller.

For a splitting profile, you need to have a wider profile. The cutting goes across the gains, while splitting goes through the grains.

We are here for splitting; the point of contact would be wider.

Handle length:

You will see a huge range of Axes with varied sizes of handle lengths. It is the same as head shape, the way head shape is different, the same goes with the handle length of an Axe. So, the handle length depends on your intended use of an Axe.

The sizes can be from small pocket size to 45 cm long. With bigger handle length, you get more power to cut through the hard-wood. With the increase handle length, more power comes and less precision occurs. For splitting large junk of woods, precision does not matter much, so here the larger handle length Axe would require.

For splitting firewood, you do not need to have a big sized Axe. You can have a 7-14 inches handle to get the job done.

Handle material:

Handle material plays a big role in making a splitting Axe stands out. The handles come in three to four types; wood, metal, G10, and FRN.

The G10 and FRN are largely used to wrap around the metal frame of a handle. The material is used to render comfort, grip and helps in getting the job done. With the type of handles, you get amazing grips, these come in a whole different range of shape and style.

The wooden handle is not that expensive and is simpler. They are the best shock absorber; a buyer will have to go through less body abuse. They are easy to use and can easily be replaced if broken. They maintain a conventional Axe look, which is great for lots of people.

But, while purchasing a wooden handle, must check the grain running through. The grain must go vertically down the total length of the handle, as they are less likely to break and considered the best quality.

In the end metal handles. They are found in smaller axes or hatchets. They are a terribly strong and durable and great shock absorber, the hollow bar maybe not that good; look for a full-thickness bar.


Almost everyone at some stage of their life needs a quality Axe. The Fiskars Axes come in a variety of range, size, shape, and price. They are the top performers on the market just because of their valued performance.

They last long compared to others and adhere to a great range of advanced features. If you need to have something utterly lightweight, do not buy an Axe, go with hatchets. We have mentioned some of the Fiskars Hatchets as well, go through the list and check which one suits your needs.

I hope you like this list and the guide will make you have the best Fiskars Axe as per your need, requirement and budget range.
If you are more interested in a hatchet just check the buying guide about the best Husqvarna Hatchet!