When it comes to hiking, the first thing that you need to do is to “step out” and of course, you will step out after packing the essentials. Now on your hike, you never know whether you step on a rock or mud.  To take that first step, you need to have the right pair of hiking shoes because you need to have your feet protected on the rough terrains. Buying a pair of hiking shoes for women becomes overwhelming because there is a huge variety and you may end up being confused.

We will help you in picking out the best pair of hiking shoes for women. With our research, we have picked out the top 8 best hiking shoes for women so that you can select one of the best pairs.

Without any further wait, let’s have a look at the best hiking shoes for women.

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Ventilation: These Merrell hiking shoes are designed to provide breathability while you are on a hike.
  • VIBRAM: The VIBRAM sole has the ability to provide greater grip and stability.
  • Air cushion: The air cushion reduces the stress on your feet.


  • Provide arch and heel support
  • Come with a breathable mesh lining
  • Keep the debris and moisture out
  • Manufactured with recycled materials


  • Available only in neutral colors

Let’s start with the Merrell Women’ Moab 2 vent hiking shoe, Merrell is known to produce the highest quality and comfortable hiking shoes. The coolest thing about Merrell is that they have so many different color and style options so the women can have the hiking shoes that matches their style. The Merrell Moab 2 vent hiking shoe is also available in a variety of different colors; however, all the colors are neutral so even if they get dirty during the hike, they will not seem dirty. The colors include taupe, smoke, aluminum and many others.
Women will definitely love the style of these hiking shoes but they will love the construction, durability, and performance even more. These hiking shoes are breathable so they will make sure that they keep the moisture out. Not only sweat, but debris will also be kept out. If you go on hikes on terrains which are dry then you certainly need these shoes because they will provide you with a superior grip and will also keep the moisture and debris out. We highly recommend these hiking shoes to the women who go for hikes in dry areas.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Lace-up closure: The lace-up closure makes sure that you get a secure fit and your feet remain protected.
  • Lightly padded collar and tongue: These shoes are designed specifically to ensure the comfort of the user. So, the lightly padded collar and the tongue really make the shoes comfortable for you.
  • Comfortable mesh upper: The mesh upper ensures the breathability so the sweat or moisture is kept out.


  • Fabric lining provides a good in-shoe feel
  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Come with a padded collar and tongue


  • These hiking shoes have a round toe silhouette so they may not be comfortable for women who have broad feet  

The second hiking shoes that we have are the Nike women’s tanjun running shoes. Even though these are running shoes but they work great as Nike women’s hiking shoes. If you are someone who likes to go on a hike nearby with a bunch of your girl-friends then you will definitely like these. These shoes are known for their amazing yet advanced features.
They are lightweight and that is why you will not feel your feet too bulky. You will be able to move around easily and while ensuring the protection of your feet. The distinct thing or feature about these shoes is that they provide a secure and are true to size. Once you get your hands on the right size of the shoes, they will not be too tight or too loose on the feet. We highly recommend these Nike hiking shoes for women who like to go on hikes nearby.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Waterproof outer: Having a waterproof outer of the hiking shoes is a great benefit as it keeps the moisture out and keeps your feet protected.
  • Breathable mesh upper: Sweaty feet is a discomfort during hikes, so the breathable mesh upper makes sure that you don’t have sweaty feet.
  • Dual-density compression: These hiking shoes provide the ultimate grip and stability to the feet and makes your hiking experience amazing.


  • Provides arch support
  • Easy to clean, even the tough stains can be gotten rid of with a mixture of water and vinegar
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


  • Available in only three colors

The third women’s hiking shoes are the KEEN women’s voyageur shoes. If you are someone who goes on hikes regularly then you certainly need these hiking shoes as they are heavy duty and comfortable. Whether you are in a moist area or whether you are in dry terrain, these hiking shoes will be a great investment for keeping your feet protected. These shoes are available in three different colors including neutral grey with lime green, brindle with Alaskan blue, and lastly dark earth with lagoon.
Since the outer of these is waterproof leather, they keep your feet dry at all times even if you are passing by streams of water. These KEEN women’s hiking shoes have a patented toe protection and that is why we highly recommend them. Not only in the dry terrains but in the moist or muddy terrains as well, these shoes will keep you protected.

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • VIBRAM rubber sole: The VIBRAM rubber sole has the ability to provide comfort, stability and better traction.
  • M select GRIP outsole: The GRIP outsole has the ability to tune each outsole with durable traction.
  • Kinetic Fit Tri Insole: This insole is contoured in the shape of the foot and has the ability to provide support to the feet.


  • Manufactured with recyclable materials
  • Non-toxic odor control
  • Keeps the feet protected and provides comfort


  • If you don’t get the right size then the back of shoe may hurt and it can be very painful

Looking for cheap hiking shoes for women? Well, this is another pair of hiking shoes made by Merrell and it is known as Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Q2 Hiking shoes, it is cheap so you will not have to invest a lot of money. This pair of cheap hiking shoes for women is available in a huge variety of colors. All the ladies who have been looking for bright and neutral colors can pick from the color range of these shoes. You will definitely be able to find blues and purples in the color range of these hiking shoes for women.
The distinct feature of these shoes is that they are gender engineered for women. They have the capability to provide all the ladies with natural alignment and superior comfort. A lot of the women complain about shoe odor but the coolest thing about these hiking shoes for women is that they come with antimicrobial agents that help in reducing shoe odor.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Platform measure- 1 inch: The platform of these hiking shoes is pretty decent that is why it gives a great grip.
  • Flexible sole: The soles of these hiking shoes are flexible and so you get the best traction during the hike.


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Prevents ankle pain or foot pain
  • True to size


  • The insoles of these shoes are not removable

Just like the Nike running shoes, the Skechers women’s lace-up sneakers are also a great option of hiking shoes for women. All the ladies who are fond of blacks, whites and greys will certainly love the color range of this pair of shoes. They are also available at an affordable price so you are basically getting high-performance hiking shoes which look amazing as well. All the ladies who are fond of taking “outfit of the day” photos before the hike will certainly enjoy these hiking shoes being a part of their outfit of the day.
These shoes are manufactured with leather and synthetic material. They have a sturdy rubber sole and provide you with great stability and comfort. Step on a rock and the rubber sole will be comfortable enough for you to easily hike. We highly recommend these hiking shoes to ladies who want their style game on point and along with that, they want amazing performance.

  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Responsive cushioning: The Columbia tech lite material ensures superior cushioning and provides enhanced comfort to the user.
  • Advanced traction even on rough terrain: No matter what terrain you are hiking on, the Omni-grip technology will make sure that you get ultimate traction. These shoes also keep the feet comfortable by keeping the debris and other materials away.
  • Waterproof: These hiking shoes are not only waterproof but they are breathable as well which means that they prevent your feet from getting wet due to the moisture from the outside and will also prevent your feet from sweating.


  • Impact absorption
  • Available in various different sizes
  • Perfect for rough terrains and even for muddy terrains
  • Waterproofing helps your feet remain protected from moisture


  • These shoes are narrow in shape so make sure that you double-check the size you are getting

Do you reside in an area that is not dry? Or Do you like to go hikes in areas that are moist? Well, if your answer is yes then it is certain that you need waterproof hiking shoes for women as well. The Columbia women’s Redmond waterproof low hiking shoe is one of the best hiking shoes for women because of its amazing features and style. This pair of hiking shoes is available in two colors including Charcoal and Pebble.
Now coming to its advanced features, the first thing about this pair of hiking shoes is that it is a durable hiking shoe with responsive cushioning and advanced traction. Also, these hiking shoes are pretty lightweight which is why you don’t feel that they are really bulky on the feet. Even if you are hiking on an aggressive or a rough terrain these hiking shoes for women will be a great pick because they will keep your feet protected and will provide you with great traction.

  • One-piece tongue: The one-piece tongue of these shoes prevents the sand, debris and moisture from penetrating into the shoes.
  • Breathable mesh: The breathable mesh ensures ventilation and makes sure that your feet remain free of moisture.
  • Softness back-up support: The back-up support is pretty soft and it ensures that the user doesn’t have to waste a lot of energy while walking or while hiking through different terrains.
  • Ani-skid sole: Some hiking shoes even though they are comfortable, do not have anti-skid sole which can be pretty dangerous on the rough terrains. If you talk about these shoes then you get a high-quality anti-skid sole which provides a strong grip to the user. 


  • Elegant appearance
  • Available in bright colors
  • Prevent stress on the ankles


  • Some ladies might have issues with the sizes

Here is another pair of cheap hiking shoe for women. All the ladies who need pink to their hiking will definitely opt for these because of the pink details that these shoes have. The BomKinta women’s hiking shoes come in various different sizes and they also come in bright colors. If you are that girl who wants bright pink or purple shoes then you should definitely check out the color range of this pair of hiking shoes for women.
They are available in all the sizes so you can pick your own size and enjoy a hike on a trail nearby. You will surely have an amazing and comfortable experience because of these shoes.
These stunning hiking shoes for women are manufactured with leather and they have a mesh upper which ensures the durability of the shoes. Even if your feet get sweaty, the lightweight side port will make sure that your feet remain dry at all times. If you have specifically been looking for hiking shoes for women which are breathable and comfortable then you should definitely get your hands on these.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Shipping weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Fabric lining: The fabric lining makes sure that the user is comfortable with the hiking shoes on.
  • EVA midsole: The lightweight EVA midsole provides excellent underfoot support and also ensures underfoot comfort of the user. Not many shoes have the ability to provide underfoot comfort.
  • Lace-up closure: The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit of the feet.


  • Mesh upper that ensures ventilation
  • Comfortable fabric lining
  • Available in different colors
  • Padded tongue and collar for comfort


  • These shoes may squeak

At last, we have the Adidas Terrex AX3 hiking shoes for women. Ladies that are always looking for Adidas shoes and no other brand, should surely give these hiking shoes for women a try. They are available in seven different styles which you will certainly love. They have a rubber sole and the unique thing is that they are specifically designed for women’s fit. So, once you get your hands on the right size, they will surely be able to give you a true fit.
The inner of the shoe has a comfortable fabric lining which keeps your foot comfortable. it also comes with a molded sock liner that provides underfoot comfort which most of the shoes are not able to. For some ladies, switching to a new brand of shoes is difficult because they are not really familiar with it. So, if you have been wearing Adidas for a while, then you will really feel comfortable with these hiking shoes for women because they are specifically designed to ensure the comfort of the ladies. We highly recommend these shoes for their style and for their amazing performance. These shoes will make you go on hikes often because of the awesome and comfortable experience that they provide.

The main purpose of picking the top 8 best hiking shoes for women was to help you get a nice pair of hiking shoes without research or without having to stand in front of a huge wall of hiking shoes and being confused.

But before you move on to making your decision, make sure to check out the section of “how to pick out hiking shoes for women”. This will make the decision making super simple for you.

How to pick out hiking shoes for women?

Figuring out the right size:

Well, the hiking shoes for men and women are somewhat similar when it comes to the features but the major difference is the size. The men’s hiking shoes to be larger in size while the women’s hiking shoes are designed smaller. However, there may be certain complications when it comes to size. Some hiking shoes for women may not be true to size. They may be too narrow for some women, so getting a size or two bigger than the actual size will actually work for them.

Although, there are some hiking shoes for women, which are true to size. Whenever you are buying hiking shoes, make sure to have complete knowledge about the size.

Figuring out the kind of terrain you will be hiking:

To pick out the right pair of hiking shoes for women, you need to know the kind of terrain. It is essential to know the kind of terrain and a lot of people really don’t consider it when buying hiking shoes. Due to this, they end up with shoes which don’t give them the performance they expect and then end being useless. First of all, you need to know how often do you go for hikes and on what kind of terrains. Some terrains are moist and muddy while there are some which are pretty rocky.

If you are likely to go on hikes nearby your residence then make sure to have a rough idea of the kind of terrain. For a muddy and moist terrain, you need to have hiking shoes which are waterproof, comfortable, lightweight and most importantly they should have a strong base. This way, in the muddy terrain the hike will become pretty easy for you.

Secondly, if you are going on a hike on a terrain that is rocky and dry then waterproofing doesn’t really matter. But if your shoes have it, then it is a plus. What you really need for this kind of terrain is a rubber sole so that it gives you a good grip on the rocks. Also, underfoot comfort could also be really helpful for this kind of terrain.

Thirdly, if you go on hiking trails which are flat and dry then your high-quality running shoes are also pretty good. In our list, we have Nike running shoes which you can get easily to enjoy a nice hike on flat terrain.

Once you understand the kind of terrain, it will be pretty easy for you to look for specific features in a pair of hiking shoes.

If you are someone who goes to all different kinds of terrains and you don’t want hiking shoes for a specific kind of terrain then make sure that you get your hands on hiking shoes for women that are waterproof and also have a sturdy sole so that you get a strong grip.

Finding hiking shoes that are water-resistant yet breathable:

Some ladies are very particular about waterproof shoes because they want all the moisture out. Normally, the hiking shoes have a waterproof inner member which is present between the different layers of fabric used in the manufacturing of hiking shoes. However, some hiking shoes have outer waterproof, such as a waterproof leather outer.

Some water-resistant materials may not provide breathability so the feet may get sweaty. The ladies who are specifically looking for waterproof hiking shoes for women should look for the ones which are waterproof but also have the ability to provide ventilation so there is no moisture at all. This will also prevent odor.

Getting the needed support with the right fit of the hiking shoes:

As we talked about the size of the hiking shoes earlier, the support the shoes provide is somewhat related to it. You will be able to get good support once you have the right fit of the shoes. If the shoes are too tight and if you don’t have enough room to move around your feet then you will not have the right support. Similarly, if the hiking shoes are too loose and sloppy then you will not be able to hike properly either. If the shoe fits well, only then you will be able to achieve firm support through the arch. Whether you are on a muddy path or a rocky one, your feet will get the required support and you will be able to easily pass through it.

Comparing the prices of the options available:

It is possible that you may end up picking out more than two hiking shoes as your most favorites. So, comparing the prices of each of them is essential. This way, you get an opportunity to get your hands on the pair that suits your budget. Every lady may have a different budget set out for a pair of hiking shoes. With different options available, you can compare and contrast the features offered and the price. By following this, you will never have to regret overspending later. However, spending a few bucks more than your set budget on a pair of hiking shoes that provide you comfort, stability and an amazing experience is completely okay! Above all, it is your personal choice, just make sure that you don’t have trouble due to overspending later.  

Finding a style that reflects your personality:

When we think of hiking shoes, there is a very typical image that usually comes to our mind and it may not be very pretty. But the truth is, there are so many amazing looking hiking shoes available that you might end up getting more than one pair. From the color range to the shape and from the style to the details, there is an immense variety.

Some women may prefer neutrals while others may vote for bright colors. Some may go for a neutral base with bright colored details. The choice becomes really difficult. So, make sure that when you are looking for hiking shoes, don’t look only for comfort and performance but also look for a suitable style. Having hiking shoes that are pleasing to sight and ones that reflect your style will give you a great feeling. As they say, life is all about little things and the happiness that we get through them. So, style and performance will give you an amazing experience.

Looking for a super comfortable pair of hiking shoes:

Ever had a pair of shoes that used to hurt the back of the foot? Or ever had a pair that gave you foot sores? Well, we all have had a pair like this at least once. But we cannot afford to have such discomfort when it comes to hiking. So, it is essential to find a pair of hiking shoes that is comfortable. During your hike, there will be ups and downs on the terrain and so you need to have a comfortable pair of hiking shoes so that you are able to easily cross it. Make sure to have a look at the collar padding, the sole of the shoe, underfoot comfort and the inner fabric of the shoe and find the most suitable ones for yourself.

Compare and contrast different features of the hiking shoes from different brands:

Lastly, to be able to have your hands on the best pair of hiking shoes for women, we suggest you to compare the different features of hiking shoes that are offered by different brands. This way, you will know what brand offers what and you will even know the similarities and differences. Then, by evaluating your budget, you will be able to make a learned decision without being confused.


In this article, we listed the best hiking shoes for women for you all so that you can find the best of the best hiking shoes for women. We listed the hiking shoes along with their description, major features and, pros and cons for your convenience. Also, we also gathered the points that you need to know when looking for the right pair of hiking shoes.

Well, you cannot make a hiking trip without your feet protected with a nice pair of hiking shoes for women. So, to help you out, we gathered all the information in this article. We hope that this article will be of great help in finding the most suitable pair of hiking shoes. And, after you have bought the hiking shoes, you will be all set to “step out”. We are sure that you will enjoy the nature with your girl-friends, family or other loved ones on your next hiking trip. Best of luck with the shopping!

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