You are out of your home, experiencing the wilderness, enjoying the loneliness, and exploring the backcountry areas. When night falls, can you imagine sleeping in open on a mate?
I do not think anyone would take the risk of sleeping in the wide-open jungle, under the star without any protection. A backpacking single person tent is the best way to increase comfort, enjoyment, safety in backcountry trips or trekking. It is a home away from home, ticket to the wilderness, refuge from the bad weather and protection from wild animals.

You need to buy a single backpacking tent to enjoy your solo-trip to trekking or countryside.

You should make sure if the backpacking tent is up to the task. Can it give protection if snowfalls or it rains? Is it comfortable, can you store your things in it? When it comes to buying a single backpack tent there is more than one thing that comes at play.

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Zippers, storage pockets, gear loft, guy ropes, and doorway
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TETON Sports Quick Tent
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How to choose a Single Person Tent [Buying Guide] 2020

Whether you are going to explore the countryside area, or just wish to wander in search of inner peace, having a quality tent is essential. Buying one would not be that easy, if you are buying it for the first time, chances are you could opt with a sub-standard or poor-quality product. These are some essentials look-into features in the best single person tent.


As you are finding a tent for a single person, that means you are likely to be backpacking. Weight is one of the biggest issues when you have to carry it around for miles. In our case, we are going to explore the countryside or other getting indulge in any outdoor activity, so weight should be as minimum as could be.

A one-person backpack tent can weight as low as 1.4 pounds and as high as 10-pounds.

On the flip side, a heavyweight tent backpack often comes integrated with added features to improve the comfort level. But, realistically we should find a tenting backpack in a range of 2-4 pounds. That’s the ideal weight for a sing person tent, and a camper would not find it difficult to carry around.

Tent Poles:

Tent poles are the most important specs to pay special attention to. They are often made of fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Aluminum is the durable them all, while carbon fiber usually comes in high-ended tents that focuses on lightweight.

Fiberglass constructed poles are less durable and break easily. They would not stand against windy weather and rainy conditions. So, experts recommend avoiding Fiberglass constructed poles and suggest opting with carbon fiber or aluminum made poles.


The floor of the tent is the most important section to look upon. This section is prone to puncture, wear and tear. Experts recommend having 20 deniers thick or 30 deniers thicker high floors for extended durability and withstand against rough terrain.


Tents with two windows on each side are most preferable. In this case, if two persons are occupying the tent, each one can have a separate window. This also helps in improved ventilation, air passes through the tents easily without creating any condensation.


All tents, no matter how good it is made, at some point experience condensation. So, have a good tent site selection and ventilation to avoid this condensation. Have eyes on the tents with lots of mesh netting to help in easier airflow.

Interior living space in a single person tent

As we are talking about single-person tents; they are not going to be roomy; they are designed to get into for hours and then pack away and go.

But, any of the backpacks you buy, before buying, read reviews. And, confirms whether the single person tent is roomy for one person to sleep inside comfortably or not.

Easy to set up:

If you are going on a trip with your friends’ one or two, chances are that you will probably solely be responsible for pulling up your tent. You might be setting up the tent in the dark, so it would be easier if the tent sets up easier. Generally, an inner mesh with the floor, an outer rainfly with a couple of poles is the only structure you have to set up. So, have something that could be assembled and disabled in a matter of seconds

Product Reviews for single person tents:

  • 2 aluminum designed poles
  • Polyester Tent fly
  • One vestibule
  • 8 Zippers, storage pockets, gear loft, guy ropes, and doorway
  • Base size: 2’8 x 7’6
  • Center height: 36 inches
  • Weight: 4-pounds


  • Good value of your hard-earned money
  • Very lightweight, easier to move around with
  • One vestibule storage to store you gears safely
  • Mesh tent fly to offer good ventilation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Larger guys would not fit inside easily
  • Difficult to get out when vestibule storage is being used

If you are on budget and hunting in search of a durable and high-quality tent, your search ends with ALP Lynx single person tent. Our researches thoroughly check its specs and passed it through the wringer before including this in our list.

ALPS is not a novice brand in the manufacturing of backpacking tends, its designed products such as Zephyr is one of the top-selling products on Amazon. The Lynx does not differ much over Zephyr but its cost is significantly lesser. The single person backpack tent comes in hands over $100 price range. The company did not cut the corners, nor integrated it with sub-standard features or manufactured with poor-quality material. By all means, it is on par with other backpacks.

As long as the size is concerned, the backpack is only 2 foot 8 inches wide and 7.5 feet long. If you are a larger person, the size might not fit you well. Yes, you get extra space to store things inside, it is long enough for a larger person. The total weight of the backpack falls around 4-pounds, with 2-liter soda bottle thickness.

With the Lynx Tent series, you do not need to be worried about the assembly. It adheres to a free-standing design, two aluminum built poles with Plyster ten fly resist water and UV damages.

It comes with eight quality zippers, guy ropes, stakes, and one doorway to get inside or go out seamlessly.

The vestibule area to store your gear is outstanding integration. It is one of the most notable differences between Zephyr and this. Lynx offers less space inside compare to zephyr but enough for a single person. Yes, the rainfly mesh is lesser, it would not withstand against cold weather, taken down by a bad-weather much easier.

The storage features with mesh pockets and a gear loft are important sections to consider in a tent, so the Lynx comes integrated with all. 

  • Dimensions: 82.7, 59.1 47.2 inches height
  • 1000D polyethylene floor
  • Polyester fabrics on the fly and walls
  • WeatherTech patented system with welded corner and covered seams
  • Two windows, two pockets
  • Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet


  • Impressive WeatherTec patented system to protect from rainy weather
  • Spacious for even two persons
  • Incredible ventilation system
  • High-quality zippers
  • Its fly and walls are coated with polyester fabric to withstand against extreme weather
  • Easy to set up


  • Seams break easily

If you are going to hit backcountry and weather forecast tells heavy rainfalls in that area, do not hesitate if you got Coleman Sundome Tent onboard. This is the best selling tent and comes in hands at the affordable price range. The Tent comes with WeatherTec patented system to protect you from soaking. Its welded corners and cover seams keep the water out from you, so you stay dry no matter how much rainfalls.

Its large window and vents enhance ventilation and ensure you breath fresh air and stay cool all night. The ground vents push the warm air up and out from the tent, to render a comfortable sleeping experience.

It comes with mesh pockets into the tent’s walls for easy storing of small yet, essentials like keys, glasses, watches and other stuff.

The tent dimensions are  82.7 inches long, 59.1 inches wide and 47.2 inches height. Two persons can easily fit into it and spent time comfortably.

It comes with a 1000D polyethylene floor that is of breathable style and protects campers from extreme weather with welded seams protections.

It is coated polyester fabrics on the fly and even on the walls are durable and protects from rough weather conditions. It is easy to set up, one person can pull it up within 10-minutes.

It integrates two windows and roof vents for enhanced ventilation, mesh roof also assist in easier ventilation to reduce overall condensation.

  • Dimensions: 94 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 28 inches tall
  • Weight: 3.34 pounds
  • Integrates DAC Featherlite aluminum 2-poles
  • Flysheet is 210t polyester
  • Inner Tent constructed of 190t Nylon
  • No, see mesh mosquito net


  • Smart and compact for one person
  • Spacious tent
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Easy to set up and take off
  • Comes with repair kit
  • Withstand against rough weather conditions


  • Bulky

If your search query is ‘heard-wearing durable built’ gear, I do not think anyone else would be able to compete Snugpak backpack tents. The brand is a reputed name in Europe and respectable following in the U.S.A. Their products are durable but hefty and add few ounce weight more than their competitors but withstand tougher conditions.

The tent inner dimensions are 94 inches long, 35 inches wide and 28 inches tall, the tent is built to entertain one person and his gears.

The tent adheres bivvy style, although the style is not liked and loved by a range of people, still, people prefer to opt with the style for camping in tougher weather conditions.

It is difficult to get into it, but the style of gear protects you and your things. You will be more like stuck into it, but this is what it is designed for. It is made for short-term staying, sleeping, not for an overnight party.

It comes with a waterproof and windproof cover for cold weather conditions and meshes for warm weather conditions. The smaller area gets warm in less time due to body heat, an ideal for cold weather conditions.

The gear becomes a constant companion for someone who loves camping and wilderness in all seasons. For most of the year, the gear is adequate and maximizes comfort.

The tent takes beating well and withstands against rough and tough conditions. No matter what the terrain type is you are staying, it will hold you up and protect you like a mother. Most of the tents I have come across with time become difficult to fold, this single backpack tent will do perfectly well with no wear.

  • Dimensions: (L*W*H):88 *37.4*41.3 inches
  • 210T Rip-Stop Polyester Canopy
  • Mesh pocket over the head
  • Anti-grit SBS zipper
  • Extra thick flying
  • Sly-nylon built
  • Slightly bent tent poles to protect against rainfall
  • Weight without accessories 3.3 pounds


  • Durable and sturdy built protects from worsen weather conditions
  • Ventilation near the head
  • Extra thick TentFly
  • Pre-bent walls protect against rainfall


  • Small area

Luxe Tempo is one of the esteemed names in the world of outdoor gear manufacturing. Luxe and Mier are two close competitors with similar business models and products. Most of the products compete with each other, but both are durable and affordable with arrays of advanced features integrated.

The backpack tent from inside shares the following measurements; length 88 inches, Width 37.4 inches length, peak height 41.3 inches, with a weight of 3.3 pounds.

The tent shares impressive specs and packs down a bit smaller as well. The weight with accessories is around a half-pound extra, this is a fair weight for what you are going to receive.

The Luxe Tempo is a durable built, tent fly is a bit thicker than most of the mentioned products. The tent poles are innovatively designed, placement creates two slightly bent surfaces that protects you from rainfall, snow and slides off.

These are the areas that add weight to the backpacking tent, you might have thought where the extra weight comes from, this is where the extra weight comes from.

It is three-seasoned backpacking, the construction is of sly-nylon which is quite tough and holds up against tough weather conditions, but winder situations can worsen the situation. That’s why we added it in a three-season single pack back tent category.

The backpack tent comes with a double-layer door, bring forth a solid or mess option depending upon your situation.

  • Dimensions, 38 x 28 x 90 inches
  • Two aluminum poles
  • Mesh roof
  • Three strong cords
  • 3.3 POUNDS of WEIGHT
  • Full Coverage Rain Fly


  • Bivy Tent easier to assemble
  • Lightweight easy to maneuver
  • Affordable price range
  • Complete waterproof tent
  • meshed roof for enhanced ventilation


  • The roof material is not at par
  • Cannot protect in heavy rains

If you are not an experienced camper and need something that could pull up easily with no prior knowledge of assembling backpack tents, your search ends with Winterial Single Person Bivy Tent. The tent comes with 90 inches into 38 inches base size and weighs around 4 pounds when packed.

For people running short of money, Winterial is the best grab. It comes in hands under $100, would not have to spend a big chunk of money. It is a reasonably lightweight product, and would not weight you down when getting around. Yes, many will find the weight range a heavier option, and our tests stand with them.

The winter single person tent is waterproof, you will not get wet when rainfalls. Yes, but if the rain turns into a torrential storm, the vents will reach its limit and they might not hold up well in such scenarios.

The gently comes with mesh designed for increased ventilation and air circulation. The mesh roof though is poorly designed, and many might feel condensation in hot weather.

The backpack tent comes with the following dimensions, 38 x 28 x 90 inches with 2 aluminum poles.

The unit also integrates heavy-duty zippers for easier access, includes three tie-down bundle lines and 14-heavy duty stakes.

  • Dimensions: 3.5 feet wide, 8 feet long
  • Weight: 5-pounds
  • Micro-mesh material designed
  • One vestibule area
  • Storage gears integrated
  • Pop-up tent with canopy


  • It is a breeze to set up
  • Wide and large pack back tent
  • It is made of micro-mesh material
  • Affordable price
  • Also comes with a vestibule area


  • Not a cold weather option
  • Would not protect from heavy rainfalls

Teton Sports is one of the biggest names in the world of outdoor products manufacturing. The brand is even bigger than most of us realize, many exclusive products and branded items are being manufactured by it as ordered.

The standout feature of Teton Sports single tent is the micro-mesh material that is used to manufacture this tent. The material ensures proper ventilation and helps air-circulation through the tent. The ventilation technology of the brand is way better than top-notch expensive brands. This is a hands-down steal at the price under $100, the best grab for one-person.

The tent is simpler to pull up and take off. It is simpler to assemble and in matters of minutes you get it put up and take down. The tent pop-up in a minute and rainfly snaps in the place, and you get into it in the other minute.

The tent is taller than many other enlisted, you will have spacious space inside and you fit inside it comfortably.

It is a novel approach for a single person, it shares 3.5 feet width and 8 feet in length. Yes, it is a bit heavy on the side and weighs around 5-pounds. The single person tent comes with a rainfly and other accessories in the package.The gear also integrated a vestibule area and gear storage pockets. You can put your extra struggle in the gear storage and get a sigh of relief after a long-day of wilderness

  • Dimensions: 38 x 28 x90 inches
  • Single person tent with two hoops
  • 3-season tent
  • Ventilated roof mesh with rainFly
  • Weight 3.3 pounds
  • One large zipper door


  • Easy to assemble, it uses two hoops and poles snap together easily
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • With larger zippered doors


  • Might not a good option for larger guys
  • Not a full waterproof

If you are looking for the best option backpack option for hiking and mountains, you must not neglect Winterial Single person Bivy Tent. The three seasons tent comes features with open-air netting and offers a great comfort of wilderness in summer for outdoor activities.

The premium looking, but built tent feature pre-sealed, seams and durable rain-fly for added waterproofness.

The single person tent is nice to grab for warm summer with no-fly above, and great for windy and heavy rains season with rainfly attached.

The 90 inches long, 38 inches wide and 28 inches high single person tent is designed impressive under $100.

The Winterial single person Bivy tent is specially designed for novices, who do not know who to use a tent and need something simple to pull out and takedown.

It weight falls around 4-pounds, it is reasonably lightweight and would not take you down with its weight.

Yes, it a fully waterproof tent that would not allow any water to soak your stuff. In heavy rainfalls, when the rain pushes the boundaries, you might get disturbed with wetness.

  • Dimensions: 87.8in x 33.5in length and width, 42.1i ceiling height
  • The tent fabric is 68D Polyester
  • Welded Oxford floor material
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds With rainfly
  • Tent poles: 8.5 MM aluminum
  • With rainfly


  • Spacious tent
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Two windows for easier movement
  • Robust, wind-responsive, strong-engineered frame
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • 150-seconds set up


  • No negative points

If you want to enjoy your outdoor experience, and want to get something robust designed onboard, get this Bessport designed lightweight backpacking. The tent protects you and your luggage from water, even in the heavy rainfalls, not a single drop of water would come to you.

The tent is made of using water-resistant fabrics that make an impenetrable barrier against the heaviest rainfall. It welded floors and water-resistant seems to protects you from water and put the water where it belongs.

Its stronger, wide-responsive frames make the tent more powerful and robust and stable in the windy and rainy weather.

The tent integrates mesh panels that ensure proper air-circulation through the tent. With the mesh panels, you get improved ventilation and enjoy the outside view without actually moving outside.

The single person tent comes with two windows door for easier movement.

By all means, it is a roomy tent that offers enough space to fit a larger twin-sized guy and lets you stretch legs and sleep without any distraction. The tent comes with vestibules for easier storage. You get your stuff into it and use the portion as per your desire.

  • Dimensions: 78.7 * 39.3 * 39.3 inch
  • Material: Polyester
  • Two Tent pole diameter: 6.9 mm
  • Tent stakes 4
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 2.20462


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Spacious tent
  • Universal option for all kinds of activities
  • Breathable material used to craft this item
  • Water-resistant fabric


  • Cannot stand against heavy rainfalls

VGEBY1 Camouflage Camping Tent is one of the durable options to opt with for camping, backpacking, hiking or fishing. The tent is made of premium quality, the surface of the tent is made of polyester with silver coating and the bottom is made of oxford polyester. You can have an idea of the durability of the tent, with the features onboard.

The tent comes with an air vent and covers. You enjoy star crowded sky in the night and go to sleep by staring at the open sky. The cover can be attached and detached easily, as per your need. Use it whenever you need and get it off when you do not find it right. The tent offers superior ventilation, you will not feel any condensation at all.

The tent weight alls around 2.2 pounds, you will not any weight while carrying it around. The tent for outdoor camping is come with easy to carry bag that makes a good storage option as well.

This tent is a universal option for varied kinds of outdoor activities including camping, fishing, music-festival, picnic, self-driving tours and much more.

The tent comes with a wide window for easier mobility, get it opened whenever you feel condensation. It is made of water-resistant fabrics, its material acts as impenetrable against water and rainy conditions.

  • Dimensions: 225 x (50/90/50) x 50 cm (L x W x H)
  • Three seasons camping tent
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds of the entire kit
  • One pole system (Aluminium pole)
  • One mesh door, One carry bag
  • Complete waterproof


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Practical design
  • Easy to pull up and dismantle
  • Full-waterproof with waterproof coating
  • Fully seam taped


  • Many buyers complained that it is not 100-percent waterproof

If you are more concerned about the weight of a backpack and are scouring the internet in search of an ultralight tent option for your campaign, fishing, mountains and other outdoor activities, do not pass LytHarvest Ultralight Bivvy Bag Tent.

This single person Bivvy Tent shares incredible specs to render ultimate comfort. Can you think of an entire backpack kit weight around 1.7 pounds? This unit shares this weight added convenience for carrying and holding this backpack for long destinations.

Yes, it is a breeze to set up, you will be able to pull it up within a few minutes. It’s one pole frame system of aluminum frames is very fast and easy to set up and dismantle.

It integrates one mesh windows, for added air circulation. The tent is 100-percent waterproof with Waterproof coating and anti-moderate rain. You do not need to worry about the heavy rainfalls in outdoor, just pull this tent out and protect your gears from wet.


When you decide to go it alone, you have to prepare yourself for all types of weather conditions. These best single person tents will help you stain your body and render optimum comfort after hours of wilderness in an unnamed surrounding. This provides shelter, protection, and comfort after an exhausting day.

These are the most popular options, you can have them on board for more than one type of outdoor activities.

I hope the guide will make you choose a product as per your desire, needs, and budget.

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